EXTRA CREDIT! yeahhhh!

So during my boredom of doing critical thinking blogs (which actually aren’t as dreadful as I was expecting) I decided to take a break. And started googling random stuff. I was looking at the class website and remembered Dr. Starnes suggesting that we find out what painting her picture is from for extra credit. So, I put my googling skills to good use and had a seriously difficult time finding the painting of the “red dress red lipstick blonde girl at bar with lime wedge” but I finally came across it! I would have never thought that the rest of the painting looks like it does. The painting is Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. Umm, why did the teacher use this as her picture, could she be portraying that she is a nighthawk?! Haha!

Painting entered below:

P.S. I hope this is worth like 200 extra credit points, not just like 5! 😉


Here is the link where I found the painting:


I was shocked to see that this is actually a very popular painting and has been recreated in many ways.

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